Stainless Steel wire static shelving units



CWSA can offer customised stainless steel wire static shelving systems which can be designed to fit inside your storage area. CWSA can discuss your storage requirements for your hospital or healthcare facility, retail outlet, food & beverage store, offices and commercial buildings, warehouses and any other store room. We can offer suggestions and advice based on our range and what is most appropriate for the area.


Static shelving units can be installed using various combinations of sizes, and are designed to maximise the use of space in the area.


CWSA shelving and storage systems are manufactured in heavy duty iron wire with support bridges under each shelf (2 bridges for 610mm sizes), allowing for heavy and bulky loading of up to 150 kilograms per shelf, 500kg per shelf unit (400kg for trolleys). Stainless steel shelving is manufactured in 202 stainless steel. It will not rust over time, even if it is damaged or chipped and can be used in wet areas such as cool rooms, fridges and freezers. Stainless steel is heavier than chrome wire and may be harder to move around, ideally suited for static shelving.


Various accessories can be installed to increase organisation and stock rotation