CWSA chrome wire static shelving units and chrome wire trolley units can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the storage area utilising our range of chrome wire shelves, posts, castors and accessories (if required).

All our chrome wire shelving and trolley units are manufactured in heavy duty iron wire with support bridges under each shelf, which allows for heavy & bulky load capacity (500kg per static unit, 400kg per trolley unit) and structural rigidity.

After discussing your department storage requirements, CWSA will measure the space and design a solution that incorporates our range of shelves sizes and heights and determine if you need a mixture of chrome wire static, trolley units and our other range of hospital shelving solutions.

CWSA chrome wire static shelving is ideal for storing and displaying products, sterile stock and goods in CSSDs, operating theatres, store rooms and wards. CWSA chrome wire trolley units are ideal for moving stock, sterile stock, instruments, custom packs and instrument tray sets between CSSD and theatre. They can also be used in deboxing areas and other store rooms around the hospital, OT or CSSD.

Our chrome wire shelving and trolley range can also be used in other industries including:

  • Any hospital or medical department, healthcare facility, clinic
  • Warehouses
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Retail outlets, shops, wholesalers
  • Commercial storage and mail rooms
  • Residential – laundry, garages, store rooms
  • Healthcare facilities – aged care, medical centres, private clinics
  • Wholesalers
  • Hospitality areas – cafes, restaurants, hotels, events

All our chrome wire shelving and trolley units can incorporate a range of accessories including shelf ledges/ends, dividers and label holders to ensure goods are secure and better organised for personnel.

CWSA can visit your site to discuss your storage needs and design a detailed CAD drawing and quotation to meet these requirements. Please contact us to arrange a site inspection.

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