CWSA has a range of high quality and durable hospital carts, procedure carts, storage carts, bedside cabinets and file carts for all hospital departments.

The Ecoline hospital cart and Apollo storage cart ranges are part of the Pegasus high density storage solution and incorporates the interchangeable baskets/trays within the carts. The Pegasus Ecoline & Apollo range provide a wide range of carts and trolleys with a variety of available accessories. The carts are solid, customisable and cost effective.

The unique drawer configuration with dedicated colour coding on the handles or cart provides the ideal solution for your hospital supplies, consumables and medication management needs. Ecoline & Apollo drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 Pegasus tray/basket. Most important, the position of drawers, trays and baskets can always be redefined easily and quickly if required. Drawers can be divided into multiple compartments – ideally adapted to the stored items to optimise storage space

There are various styles available in different colour schemes for either the cart or the handles. The large range of accessories allows for further customisation of the hospital carts.

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